Copper Fountains

Your home should be a peaceful haven that you can escape to at the end of those long hectic days of work; therefore, you should surround yourself with beautiful and soothing pieces to decorate that haven of rest. Imagine with me for a moment – you have survived the grueling commute home, kicked off those constricting work shoes and melted into that special chair with your name on it. Now imagine leaning your weary head back, closing your tired eyes and feeling the multitude of stresses from your long day flowing away with the sound of the gently falling water of your exquisite copper wall fountain.

For decades, copper has been thought to have healing properties. Combine that thought with the well-known fact that Copper Fountaingently falling water definitely has a calming effect – and you will understand why a copper water fountain will be a dynamic addition to your personal living space. Whether you prefer a stunning copper floor fountain; or a sculpted copper tabletop fountain as pieces of artwork for the inside of your home – a fabulous outdoor copper fountain to complete the seating arrangement on your deck; or a whimsical copper garden fountain as a unique addition to your landscaping – you will absolutely fall in love with your copper water fountain and agree that it is without a doubt a thing of beauty.

Copper has been the metal of choice in the sculpting of various types of water fountains for a number of reasons – ranging from its beauty to its versatility. It is not only highly durable and very easy to obtain, but it is also relatively lightweight and extremely malleable which allows it to be sculpted into various shapes and forms. It also develops a rich patina over the passage of time that brings out its intrinsic beauty, which will also add to the beauty of your home.