Slate Copper Fountain

A significant number of homes today have been built with cathedral or vaulted ceilings, and open floor plan designs. With these design features the homeowner will be faced with large expanses of wall surface that need equally significant wall treatments. Artwork is always a good option, but it can be quite costly and period specific limiting your color pallet and design, and may require special care with regards to lighting and temperature.

If your desire is to create an environment in your new home that is not only aesthetic visually, but also soothes the soul with sound, then let me present to you for your consideration a copper floor fountain. If you prefer an indoor copper fountain with more visual interest, then a slate copper fountain may be the perfect choice for you.

One of the characteristics of a slate copper fountain that makes such a dramatic statement is the natural beauty of both the slate and copper elements. The unique colorations of the natural slate will make each indoor copper fountain truly one of a kind. The texturing of both the slate and the sculpted copper combined with a wall of water cascading down the slate copper fountain configuration ending in a rock filled trough below, makes for a museum quality art piece for your home.

The slate copper fountain can be custom designed to fit the space you have chosen for it to occupy. With its unique design and stand alone ability, it can be utilized as and indoor copper fountain as an artistic wall treatment, or as an outdoor copper fountain in a portico or atrium. The imperfections in the slate and the tempering of the copper can cause the falling water to have an artistic quality in and of itself. By adding a light treatment to the overall design you will create an entirely new look.